Fire Damage Restoration

W work quickly and considerately to mitigate damage to salvageable property, such as household items, fixtures, metals, and other contents. Our state-of-the-art techniques and cleaning processes often prevent replacement costs, thereby reducing costs. Fire and smoke damage restoration requires knowledge and skill, and our Benchmark professionals have the expertise to do the job right.

Benchmark Fire Mitigation Services Include:

  • Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration
  • Smoke Odor Removal & Professional Deodorization
  • Emergency Cleaning & Sanitation
  • Pack-Outs and Contents Cleaning
  • Temporary Protection/Board-Up
  • Carpet and Pad Removal
  • Puff-Back Cleaning
  • Reconstruction

Accurate and Detailed Assessment

Our certified experts determine the full extent of fire damage, including the impact of smoke, heat, and residues from fire and smoke. We keep home and business owners informed, helping to overcome their loss and restoring hope by explaining what can be saved and how, and in a way they can understand what is happening, what to expect, and what they can do.

Smoke Odor and Soot Removal

When you experience a fire in the home or business, the immediate physical damage is quite evident and disheartening. However, Smoke odor and soot removal is an after effect that we take very seriously. The long-term effects of smoke odor and soot can become an even bigger problem if not carefully, and thoroughly, addressed. Benchmark specializes in, not only repairing the physical damage a fire creates but also, the damage that is hard to see right away. We follow a rigorous and thorough process to ensure that the effects of a smoke and soot on your home or business are completely eliminated.

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  • Our staff is trained and certified by the IICRC and HAAG Engineering
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Expert Restoration Service

Benchmark Pro technicians are highly trained and certified, and use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to effectively remediate property damage.

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